How it was created

Adri – this is the author's dishes of Adrian, the ingredients of which pass through live fire. Vegetables, meat, fish, seafood and even dessert are cooked on all sorts of grills - brazier, oven, Josper. Adrian invented an interesting technique, mixed paella and risotto and got Rice from the Wood Burner. It turned out a delicious and hearty dish for lunch and dinner with wine and without. Chefs use not only coal for frying, but also real wood: to add flavor, light notes of smoking to the coal, add alder branches. As a true Spaniard and Argentinian, Adrian can play with fire! Open kitchen allows you to watch the work of the team of chefs, which is headed by Andrei Zhdanov.



Adri on Lesnaya 7 – the third restaurant

of Adrian Quetglas, owner

* Guide Michelin.

 Adri – that's the name of Adrian's friends 

and family, so the restaurant Adri

accessible, tasty

and sociable. This is the continuation of the family

of restaurants AQ Kitchen and AQ Chicken 

and Adrian Quetglas with * Guide Michelin

in Mallorca.




Adri is also an exciting wine list. There are many interesting wines by the glass from around the globe: from the Old to New World. Here is a young green portuguese, orange Georgian, Russian sparkling, white and red, as well as all Italy, Austria, Germany and rare local varieties and popular wines of 90 and 150 ml. The main card is divided into two "winemaking zones" - cool wines and hot wines - wines of cool climate and sunny regions, elegant and thin on the left side of the map, and on bright, saturated, full-bodied on the right. The map also includes the current Riesling Collection, the Pinot Noir Collection and the Malbec Collection. Most of the wines in the map meet the rules of organic or biodynamic winemaking, which are not only the current trend, but also have their own interesting characteristics and a special approach.